World’s Fastest Car! Ford GT Bad v8 – 283.232 mph

gt-badOn October 16, 2012, a Ford GT set a new, verified Guinness record for fastest car at 283.232 mph. The GT, nicknamed BADD GT, is owned by Johnny Bohmer of Performance Power Racing. The record was set at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Bohmer explained that because NASA made its unique facility available to his team, Performance Power has been able to test technologies that may have valuable uses that extend beyond racing. The new record marked Bohmer’s second Guinness record for fastest car in the standing mile.

BADD GT features a 5.4-liter Ford V8 engine with an upgraded factory intercooler and twin-turbo system. Bohmer incorporated a slight reroute into the engine cooling system. The gearbox is standard, but has been strengthened slightly to accommodate the additional power. The fuel system has been modified to pump 25 percent more fuel. At approximately, 900 pounds, Bohmer believes the vehicle is capable of reaching speeds as high as 340 mph or more. The BADD GT has demonstrated its ability to reach 150 mph in 7.4 seconds and also features fully functional air conditioning and an audio system. In addition to transporting BADD GT to competitions, Bohmer also drives the vehicle around town for more casual uses.

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Performance Power Racing was founded by Johnny Bohmer in 2009. Bohmer quickly discovered a keen interest in high speed racing and began work on his Ford GT project in 2009. From the beginning, Bohmer’s goal was to make his GT the first car to exceed 250 mph in the standing mile. Bohmer achieved this goal in March 2010 when he set the record at 253 mph prior to recording a new record time in 2012. Bohmer has also built the first Corvette to reach 250 mph.