Why the New Small Mirage Will Not Boost Mitsubishi Sales

2014-Mitsubishi-Mirage-DE1As gas remains extremely expensive, more and more people are searching for a fuel-efficient vehicle. This type of car is in high demand from all auto manufacturers. In order to compete in this segment and regain sales, Mitsubishi has brought back a smaller Mirage.


The new Mirage takes the place of the old Mitsubishi Colt. The Colt had always been a disappointment for the car brand, so renaming it seems to be fruitless. However, the redesigned 2014 Mirage is set to deliver some of the best fuel efficiency in the industry. The non-hybrid car is estimated to deliver a combined 40 mpg.


The 2014 Mirage is aimed to reach the customer base that is looking to spend very little on a new car. Its $13,790 price tag is still a bit higher than the base price of similar cars. For example, the Chevy Spark has a base price of $12,170. This low cost means that the interior of the Mirage is very sparse. Few convenience features are present, and hard plastic dominates the interior. However, higher trim levels will include a bit more, but they will result in a higher price as well. The five-speed manual base model will come with a 1.2-liter, three-cylinder engine. It will provide 74 horsepower.


The low price may attract some car buyers, but anyone looking for better performance is sure to choose competitors like the Ford Fiesta or the Chevy Spark. For instance, the 2014 Ford Fiesta offers a 1.6-liter engine and 120 horsepower. This is almost double the strength of the Mirage. The Spark has a bubble-like design, which adds a tremendous amount of space to the interior. Also, the plastic interior is offset with standard features like power windows and air conditioning.


Today, the subcompact market is extremely competitive. A car manufacturer must definitely set itself apart from the crowd in order to dominate. Even though the Mirage offers some of the highest fuel efficiency, the lackluster design may make it hard to overcome other established brands in the minds of new car buyers. It is highly unlikely to boost Mitsubishi sales enough to make a real difference.