Why Tesla Will Lead the 2014 Car Market

2014 TeslaLast year, Tesla enjoyed record-breaking success. Stock is surging, and the brand is winning awards for its latest vehicles. Besides these facts, signs point toward Tesla taking control of the auto industry. Here are three factors that may contribute to Tesla’s domination in 2014:


Increased Deliveries

Tesla is expected to have a record-breaking year for deliveries in 2014. CEO Elon Musk believes that Tesla will deliver over 40,000 cars before the year’s end. This will double its delivery rate from last year. Production will need to be boosted to meet these numbers, but Musk always delivers on his promises.


Worldwide Expansion

Tesla is sure to experience future growth as it expands into international operations. Since the company is relatively new, expanding into countries like China is sure to raise sales. China is an essential market for this brand, especially since it holds the world’s largest demand for premium sedans.


Tesla also plans to extend its supercharger network both nationally and overseas. This includes stations that will help owners charge up for free along certain roads. In fact, a few months ago, Tesla established its West Coast Corridor. The ultimate goal is to have supercharger stations scattered through 80 percent of the United States and territories in Canada by 2015. Other parts of the world will also enjoy total coverage as well.


The Model X

All eyes are on Tesla’s Model X crossover. Tesla’s Model S has already established a strong presence for the brand. This will help to encourage sales of the new Model X. This vehicle combines the space of an SUV with a sports car’s performance. If Tesla can get its Model X on the road in 2014, sales could boom.


There are many reasons why Tesla may dominate the auto industry in 2014. An increasing number of people are turning to vehicles that run on alternative fuels. As the brand becomes better recognized, it is sure to enjoy significant growth. Musk’s visionary leadership is another strong asset. In the end, all of these factors may contribute to a record-breaking year.