Why Should I Consider a Smart Car?

Fortwo_II_CabrioThe Smart coupe certainly turns heads when it passes on the street, but far too many drivers scoff at them as toys or a fad that will soon pass. However, taking a second look at how Smart cars really work can turn naysayers into dedicated fans. A long list of features and benefits comes with each super compact coupe, so drivers looking for something new should definitely give one of these cars at least a test drive before ruling it out completely.


Parking with a Smart Car


If nothing else, city dwellers should put the Smart near the top of their list for its size alone. Business Insider reports that each coupe comes in at just under 9 feet in length. There is no need for even a whole compact car space — a gap between two vehicles is often enough. This could be a completely life-changing experience for anyone living in a city where parking space is at a premium. You might even end up saving money if you can drop an expensive subscription for parking near your home or workplace. Spending less time circling the block looking for a spot means more time with your family.




Too many drivers dismiss the Smart car as an unsafe option for the daily commute due to its size alone. However, size isn’t everything when it comes to impact protection. The unique design of this microcar offers it plenty of crumple and compaction resistance. There is no need to worry that a collision with a larger car will leave the vehicle totaled. Cars Direct reports that the Smart coupe even received four out of five stars from the National Institute of Highway Safety for front-end collisions due to its reinforced roll cage and seatbelt system.




Finally, don’t forget the youthful style of a Smart car. It is easy to overlook how much fun it can be to drive a car that looks as sporty as it feels. If you would like a little extra motivation to get to work on time, an affordable Smart vehicle could be just what you need.