Why Do Europeans Get Better MPG?

MPG-fuel-efficient-carsEuropean countries offer more small and fuel-efficient vehicles than America. Also, European versions of cars sold in America receive a higher MPG rating. Many people wonder why this is the case.


After much examination, it appears as though European cars actually do not get better gas mileage than American cars. The biggest reason for this discrepancy is because the gallon is measured differently in both countries. Imperial gallons are not the same as U.S. gallons. One gallon in the United States is equal to .83 Imperial gallons in Europe. This means that 45 U.S. MPG equals 54 Imperial MPG.


Another reason why there is a difference in gas mileage between the two countries is because European cars are not subject to the same tests that are done on American cars. For example, the EPA’s tests try to copy American driving conditions. Cars in Europe have different tests. These tests tend to have unrealistic outcomes.


There are numerous other reasons as to why European cars seem to get better gas mileage than American counterparts. Some people believe that U.S. emission standards are stricter. This means that the cars must have more emission equipment that prevents optimum fuel efficiency. Other people believe that most European cars contain smaller engines than American cars. This would definitely account for the better fuel efficiency.


Many conspiracies exist on this topic as well. One of the most popular theories states that the United States government prohibits the sale of fuel-efficient cars. If cars become too fuel-efficient, tax income would be lowered. This means that the taxes raised would not be enough to take care of the country’s roads.


On the surface, it may appear as though European cars receive better MPG than American cars. However, upon further investigation, it appears as if the cars receive similar fuel efficiency. Each country evaluates the unit measure of the gallon differently and requires different emission equipment. Despite the many conspiracy theories, MPG is relatively similar between European cars and their U.S. counterparts.