Which Oil Should I Get For My Vehicle?

Motor_oilThere are many different types of motor oil for cars. It is important to understand which oil will work best for a particular vehicle. Oil is necessary to lubricate and cool moving parts in a motor. It keeps things clean and helps to coat the cylinders, so the engine does not seize. Here is a closer look at how to select the right oil for a certain model of car:


Consider Viscosity


Viscosity is a fluid’s resistance to flow. The viscosity of oil will be represented by a number following the letter “W.” The higher the number, the more viscosity. For example, 10W-30 oil will be less viscous than 20W-50. Oil thins when it gets heated. Additives in the oil will help it resist thinning. The higher the number, the thicker the oil will remain at high temperatures.


Specific Purpose Oil


Premium Convention Oils. This oil is the standard for most cars on the road. All brands will have one that is available in various viscosities. The most common is 5W-20 or 5W-30.


Full Synthetic Oil. This oil is recommended for a high-tech engine. It has passed specific tests that indicate the oil will provide the best engine performance. It will flow better at cold temperatures and maintain proper lubrication at warm temperatures. However, it tends to be expensive, and not every car will need it.


Synthetic Blend Oil. This oil combines both synthetic and organic oil. It is less volatile and will provide protection for heavy loads and high temperatures. It is often used in trucks or SUVs. It is also less costly than a full synthetic oil.


High Mileage Oil. Since many people drive cars that have high mileage, this type of oil will work best. It is common for this type of oil to contain seal conditioners to help restore the shape and flexibility of seals. This will aid in preventing drips or leaks onto the garage floor.


To ensure the best engine performance and longest life out of an engine, it is important to use the right motor oil. There are numerous oils to choose from. It is best to consult the vehicle owner’s manual to find out which type of oil is appropriate.