Where is the DeLorean from Back to the Future?

DeLorean_Fully_RestoredBack to the Future was one of the most iconic movies ever made. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd’s characters are beloved to devout fans. Most people remember the movie’s futuristic DeLorean time machine vehicle and wonder if it still exists. Here is a look at where it is now.

In 2011, Bob Gale, director of Back to the Future, recruited a team to restore the movie’s original DeLorean. This group included three leading car replica fanatics named Joe Walser, J. Ryan and Terry Matales. At the time, the vehicle was sitting in the Universal Studios backlot. It was unprotected and beaten by the outdoor elements. The team presented a restoration budget to Universal’s executives, which was accepted. The team began the restoration process in order to maintain an important piece of movie history.

The physical work was just as demanding as the mental work. The flex bands were the most difficult parts to finish. All of the bends and angles needed to be perfect and properly secured with the band brackets. Keeping track of all the parts was difficult as well. Many fans of the car came forward to return original parts and help complete the car. The entire process took over two years to finish.


The Back to the Future DeLorean is on display at Universal Studios

Today, Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine is on display at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. It has proven to be worth all of the hard work to restore this car. Fans from around the world flock to the display, since the car is one of the last reminders of the movie.

Due to the success of this project, it is possible that more iconic movie vehicles will be restored. Vehicles like this are extremely important to generations of fans. For now, the immortalized DeLorean will remain on display at the “Universal Experience” for all to enjoy.