Where Can I Use 303 Automotive Protectant?

BlkLeatherSeatsProfessional detailers and auto enthusiasts everywhere rely on 303 ® Automotive Protectant for protecting and beautifying a variety of surfaces. Classic cars, daily drivers, trucks, RVs, and boats all look better with 303 ® Automotive Protectant  keeping them looking like new. There are many interesting and innovative places where people use this space-age protectant on their vehicles.

Underbody plastic

Applying 303 Automotive Protectant to the underbody plastic on your classic or performance car keeps it looking great. Regular applications not only make the underbody plastic look nice, it helps shed dust, dirt, and oily spray.

Vehicle trim

Regular applications of 303 Automotive Protectant protects plastic and vinyl trim on your vehicle. It works for trim both inside and outside the vehicle. Trim that is exposed to UV rays should be treated every 30-45 days for best results.

Finished Leather

Leather seats, steering wheel wraps, trim, and shift knobs all respond nicely to 303 treatments. Protect your leather from UV degradation, while reducing the buildup of dust and oily residue on the surface.


protectyourtiresTires may be subject to more abuse than just about any other component on a vehicle. Daily exposure to UV rays allows the rubber to degrade, fade to an unsightly gray color, and eventually become brittle and crack. Regular applications of 303 ® Automotive Protectant not only keep your tires looking great, it also helps keeps you safe by protecting your tires from dry rot.


There are many applications for 303 Automotive Protectant on your boat or personal watercraft. Think of this as the ultimate protection for your stuff. Protect leather, vinyl, and even clear vinyl from UV damage, dust or dirt, and fresh or salt water spray.


RVs benefit from the same 303 Automotive Protectant applications as any other vehicle. RVs also have many cabinets, counters, and other interior surfaces that can be beautified and preserved just like the trim in your other vehicles.