When A Stock GT350 Isn’t Good Enough

Photos: Courtesy of Trevor Flora

Did you think that the GT350 was already awesome? With its flat plane crank 5.2l V8, catching a breath of air through its 87mm throttle body, and pushing out an impressive 526HP. Well the team over at Fathouse Fabrication didn’t think that was good enough! They kept the already stunning GT350 styling and hid some tricks up its sleeve, hiding a twin-turbo setup underneath the car.

This twin-turbo setup releases an impressive 1,143HP on an otherwise stock Voodoo engine! The turbo’s are 66mm Garrett GTX3582R Gen II, cooled by a 4.5in intercooler built by Fathouse Fabrication. By the way, this thing roars through a 3- inch stainless exhaust system that has no mufflers, no resonators, and no converters.

Some of you may be saying, well this sounds like a race car, not a weekend cruiser, well in some cases you are right, but with the switch of a tune, you can take it from running on E85 fuel to running on 93 octane and make around 750 HP on 9PSI of boost. As far as suspension goes it is pretty stout from the factory, with the magneride suspension and Brembo Brakes, but they did add some BMR Suspension goodies to keep the wheel hop at a minimum.

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