What You Need to Know About Carburetors

A carburetor’s main job is to combine fuel and air in order to ignite an internal combustion engine. As technology has advanced, few mainstream automobiles still contain a carburetor. If a person owns a car with a carburetor or is rebuilding a car with a carburetor, there are a few things to know.


Types of Carburetors

carburetor - Holley_2280A carburetor measures the pressure of air that gets drawn into an engine and adjusts the amount of fuel to match. A carburetor that draws air in from the side is called a sidedraft carburetor. When it is drawn from the top, it is called a downdraft carburetor.

The most basic carburetor has one barrel for airflow. A multi-barrel carburetor has multiple barrels to let more air into the engine. This is necessary for large volume engines.

There are fantastic products such as the new STA-BIL 360º fuel treatment that helps fight corrosion and keep your carburetor in peak condition.


How to Choose a Carburetor

When a person is rebuilding or restoring a car that needs a carburetor, it is important to understand what part to use. Not all carburetors work the same for a specific purpose. One of the best carburetors for everyday use will be the Rochester Quadrajet. A better carburetor for high performance is a Holley. If a person is confused about choosing the best piece of equipment, it will be helpful to seek the advice of an experienced technician.


Signs of Carburetor Problems

There are certain things that signal a carburetor problem. Diagnosing a problem early may help to prevent serious engine damage. For instance, black smoke from the exhaust pipe may mean that the carburetor is letting in too much fuel and not enough air into the engine. When a car gets stuck at high idle, it may also signal a carburetor problem. Finally, when an engine misfires, it may be an early sign that the carburetor is malfunctioning.

Today, most cars have fuel injected engines. However, it will be helpful to understand how carburetors work in order to fix or restore older vehicles. The above information should offer some insight and help diagnose problems.