What to Look for When Choosing a Quality, Outdoor Fabric Guard

303 Fabric Guard for outdoor useOutdoor fabrics, like those used on boat Biminis and convertible tops, RV awnings, and patio furniture,have water repellency built in at the factory. This water protection diminishes over time though, and the fabric needs to be retreated to avoid water stains, soil and dirt stains, and mildew. What should you look for when choosing a quality, outdoor fabric guard?



Many outdoor fabric treatment products cannot be used for a variety of fabrics.When you use 303 ® Fabric Guard ™ you have a versatile product that can be used for many different fabrics – both indoors and outdoors. 303 ®  Fabric Guard ™ is so versatile that it can be used on shoes, a suede jacket, an automobile convertible top, an RV awning, and more.


Many waterproofing options, including silicone, last only a few months. 303 ® Fabric Guard ™ lasts many times longer than silicone. In fact, with regular cleaning, low-wear outdoor fabrics can last over a year between retreatments of 303 ® Fabric Guard ™.


The purchase price is not the true cost of a fabric treatment solution. The true cost includes at least two additional considerations:

1.  How much of the product is needed to treat a certain amount of fabric
2.  How long can the product protect the fabric before it needs to be retreated


Choosing a fabric treatment that is widely recognized by industry leaders and professionals can give you confidence that you are buying a quality product. Industry leaders as varied as Sunbrella® and Autogeek®, recommend 303 ® Fabric Guard ™.