What car should the next Batmobile be based on?

The blogosphere and Twitterverse were each up in arms over the past week following the announcement that once-derided and now acclaimed Hollywood vet Ben Affleck would be the latest actor to take over the iconic role of Batman. While you may have your own opinions on who should play The Caped Crusader in the latest Superman movie – IMO, I think the whole idea is mash-up is pretty bizarre – one thing is for sure: Batman better have a cool car.

While Superman can fly and Spider-Man travels via web, Batman is known for taking a more grounded approach, chasing his villains down on the mean streets of Gotham in his signature Batmobile. Every generation has their own image of what the Batmobile should look like, as it seems not a decade goes by without some film maker reimagining the comic book series for the big or small screen. But what kind of wheels do you want to see Ben Affleck's Batman steer?

If the latest Superman movie that Batman will be making an appearance in is any indication, we can probably expect that the retro, Lincoln Futura-inspired Batmobile from the 1960s television series starring Adam West is probably not going to be driving into theaters anytime soon. The latest Batman movies depict a much darker setting, and the same rings true for the most recent Superman, which depicted a very serious Man of Steel, leaving no room for camp.

When a string of filmmakers tried to adapt the campy quality of the television series into a string of films that also paid homage to the classic comic books, fans saw the likes of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney steering a massive, low riding, rocket powered Batmobile that shot a jet of flames as it flew down the street.

Then, in the latest trilogy – a string of films devoid of humor for the most part, only infusing the script with giggles right before a gruesome act of violence by the Joker or a surprise kick in the head from Catwoman – critics described the Batmobile as a Lamborghini meets the Hummer. This thing is what sport utility is all about, as it almost looked like a collection of jagged boulders that could modify themselves into different configurations depending on the task at hand. He also drove an actual Lamborghini in a few scenes in Batman Begins as his alter ego Bruce Wayne.

What was your favorite Batmobile, and what do you want the Dark Knight to drive in his next movie outing? Leave your thoughts on the car and the casting below: