We Are Driving Excitement – Pontiac

Made in the USA Week continues today. So far this week we have looked at other U.S. manufacturers like Chevrolet, Plymouth and Dodge. Today we take a look at American made cars from Pontiac.

Pontiac is a brand that has a long and rich history in the auto industry. Over the years, it has developed some of the most memorable cars of all times. Some of the most important cars in the brand have been muscle cars. Here is a closer look at the GTO, Firebird and Trans Am.


Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTOPontiac’s GTO is often argued to be the first real muscle car. Its original 10-year run from 1964 to 1974 was resurrected in 2004. This model has always provided serious performance but has seen some changes over the years.

The first GTO earned the nickname “the Goat” for its basic features. It became more refined during its 2004 reintroduction. One of the most prized models was the 1970 GTO, which provided an impressive 455 cubic inch V8 engine. During its 2004 reincarnation, the car included a 6.0 liter V8 engine that provided 400 horsepower. There was never a question that the GTO was a true muscle car. However, the high price and lackluster styling eventually caused GM to discontinue the car in 2006.


Pontiac Firebird

1968_Pontiac_FirebirdThe Firebird has always been a popular model for Pontiac. It was introduced in 1967 to battle the Ford Mustang. People loved the power it provided from its 400 cubic inch V8 engine. To top the GTO, the original Firebird was offered with a high-output overhead cam inline-six as well. Through the decades, the Firebird maintained its heritage as the final Firebirds of 2002 managed to deliver over 300 horsepower.


Pontiac Trans Am

Pontiac Trans AmPontiac enthusiasts understand that the Trans Am was an upscale version of the Firebird. It offered upgraded handling, suspension and horsepower. It became extremely popular when the 1977 version appeared in the move “Smokey and the Bandit.” The Pontiac Trans Am pleased drivers with its performance right up until the end in 2002. This model provided 310 horsepower from its 5.7 liter LS1 V8 engine.

Pontiac has long enjoyed an amazing history of muscle cars. Its breakthrough GTO was the first serious American muscle car produced. Pontiac also enjoyed great success with the Firebird. The ultimate Firebird model was the Trans Am. All of these vehicles were famous for performance and power and will forever remain some of the finest cars to wear GM badges.