Volvo owner makes history as he drives past the 3 million mile mark

Many Cool Rides members have cars that they have cared for and cherished since the first day they drove them off the parking lot – even models that have been around for two, three, four and, in a few cases, five or six decades. However, few of these individuals have been using these vintage American cars as their daily drivers all this time, while most of the older classics have become weekend warriors and only take the streets for short trips to a car show.

This isn't the case with Irv Gordon, however, who has been driving his gorgeous, candy-apple red Volvo P1800 since he first purchased it in 1966. What's truly incredible about Gordon's story, however, isn't that the car has maintained its looks and functionality over the course of almost 60 years, but its the fact that this ride has more mileage on it than any other non-commercial passenger vehicle in existence.

According to Gordon's odometer, the car is set to reach its 3 millionth mile of pavement in quite literally just a few weeks. A great fan of road trips, it's obvious that Gordon has been take this gorgeous coupe – whose looks alone turn heads before you even realize the feats those four wheels have accomplished – on quite a fair share of joy rides from coast to coast, visiting all but two states over the course of six decades. He anticipates that he'll drive his 3 millionth mile in the P1800 when he enters Alaska, one of the states that has eluded him through the years, at the beginning of September.

"I'm realizing this will be a record that no one will surpass," the 73-year-old driving fanatic stated in an interview with Babcox Aftermarket News. "So, these next few thousands of miles will be special and sentimental for me. I'm looking forward to visiting my favorite places in big, beautiful America – from national parks to roadside cafes, from the Pacific Coast Highway to small roads that are miles from the Interstate. Send me an invite and maybe I'll meet you for a cup of coffee."

While Volvos are known for their reliability, the lifespan of this ride didn't just happen thanks to frequent tune-ups. Nino Gambino, the technician at his local Volvo dealership, Volvoville in Huntsville, Long Island, explained to the news source that Gordon has done everything right in maintaining his car by following the owner's manual to a tee.

When Volvo caught wind of Gordon's achievement, they set up a website for the driver that monitors his journey and the rest of the trip to the 3 million mile mark. According to the site, Gordon got off to a spectacular start the first week he even owned the car. He had purchased his P1800 on a Friday before a long weekend, and ended up bringing it back on the last day for it's first 1,500 mile tune up and oil change to the shock of Volvoville employees.

"For every mile Irv has logged in his Volvo, there have been just as many reasons why he's been able to do it – from his meticulous care, on-schedule oil changes and his safe driving practices – all the way to Volvo's legendary attention to engineering," said John Maloney, president and CEO of Volvo Cars of North America said in an official statement.

Do you think you could give Gordon a run for his money and run your classic past the 3 million mile mark? What's the highest mileage you've ever gotten on a vintage car? Leave your stories below: