Use SYE! to Get Your Summer Toys Working Great This Summer

ATV and other summer toysEarlier this year, when I tried to start my lawnmower, I had an experience that is familiar to many people.  I pulled the starter cord, but the engine wouldn’t start. I was dreading an expensive and time-consuming trip to the local shop and looking through auto repair information boards for a solution when a friend told me about Start Your Engines! ® Fuel System Revitalizer.

Looking at SYE! literature, I found that it’s designed to solve a variety of fuel system issues that affect summer toys and outdoor power equipment – like my lawnmower. It cleans the fuel system on small gas-powered engines so they will be running great all summer. With my lawnmower, I picked up some Start Your Engines! and just poured it into the fuel tank and it promoptly dissolved all of the gas that has gone bad. It then moved through the fuel system to allow me to start the engine. SYE! had my lawnmower running again quickly and inexpensively.

Small gas engines are susceptible to fuel system problems because they may sit for extended periods of time. Fuel can begin to gum up and become stale in as little as 30 days. This makes clogged fuel lines and carburetors a common problem in many motorized summer toys.

I’ve found that you can use SYE! for a pretty wide range of things, not just lawnmowers. String trimmers, power blowersand chain sawsthat are idling rough can all benefit from some SYE! So do boats and personal watercraft that have trouble starting. Basically any problem that that has to do with dirt and gunk in your fuel system. SYE! is safe for use on a variety of small, gas engines.It is safe for use in both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.

If you’d like to hear from other satisfied Start Your Engines! users then please go ahead and take a look.I’d definitely recommend it.