Two best engines ever made: Chevy edition

It’s common knowledge that the engines found in Chevys now-a-days are no different for the most part than the ones placed in cars made by any other nameplate under the GM umbrella. However, way back in the day, Chevrolet was known for making motors of its own that were unique to the bow-tie brand. Many of the cars that hid these beasts under their hoods would become icons because of the sheer power that the designers over in the Chevy wheel-house were able to pump out.

The original small block V8

The engine that set the stage for the modern V8 came about in 1955, powering the Bel Air into the history books as one of the icons of 1950s Americana. The 265-283ci small block that got the Bel Air moving was unlike any other engine of its size, allowing engineers to make modifications to its specs that would help the car break racing records. This engine could produce anywhere between 162 and 225 hp initially, though, because of this engine’s versatility, power-packs that significantly amp up the horses. When modified for racing, this was the first Chevrolet engine to produce 500 hp.

ZL1 427ci big block

The engines Chevy dropped in the 1969 Camaro ZL-1 were dangerously powerful on the strips, and they turned this special edition, one-model-year hot rod into a demon on the straightaway. Unlike the original 427 that Chevrolet gave to the much larger Impala, GM made a special edition aluminum version of the 427 in a “clean room” that required almost an entire day for workers to complete just one. The ZL1 was the most powerful motor produced at the time under the General, and remains one of the rarest beasts for car fans to encounter.

Do you agree that these two engines are the best ever made by Chevy, or there was a better engine, like a more recent LS9, that sets the bar? Leave your comments below: