Tricked Out Santa Sleighs

Christmas Theme Week continues here today at the Cool Rides Online Blog. So far this week, we look at gifts you can buy this Christmas for muscle car lovers. Today we are featuring Tricked Out  Santa Sleighs.

Santa is the most popular man on Christmas Eve. However, he would be nothing without his sleigh. Here is a look at a few updated, tricked out versions.


Detroit Michigan Santa

Detroit Michigan SantaSanta has a helper in Detroit Michigan named Myron Benford. This man embraces the true meaning of the season and spreads good will to all. For almost 50 years, Benford has traveled around Michigan on Christmas Eve in his “sleigh” filled with presents. His transportation is a tricked out red Chrysler minivan. Two reindeer are welded to the grill, and Rudolph’s nose glows bright.


Lexus Hybrid Sleigh

lexus santa conceptWith Santa’s needs in mind, Lexus developed a concept sleigh with a carbon-friendly design. It contains the brand’s hybrid drive technology, which offers over 800 “reindeerpower” and fewer emissions than one reindeer. It is equipped with an electric-only mode, so the big guy can land on roofs without being detected. Other key features include a blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert to sense hidden chimneys and a navigation system to guide Santa on his way. Thanks to the music system that streams the Internet, Santa can belt out a few tunes while traveling back to the North Pole.


Jaguar Sleigh

Jaguar SleighBack in 2009, Jaguar took a spin at designing a modern sleigh for Santa. Thomas Smith takes credit for the bright red retro sky scooter style. The overall appearance is a combination of a rocket ship and an airplane bomber. Santa can race around and deliver presents without exiting his ride.

No matter what sleigh Santa uses, he is sure to find every good boy and girl. Children may not care how many technological advancements are featured on his sleigh, but auto enthusiasts always enjoy a good customization job.