Top Three Tips to Clean Car Upholstery

A pristine interior is one of the best features of a new car. However, any vehicle can look distressed after just a few months without proper cleaning and care. A clean vehicle is much more pleasant to drive and is considered much more valuable. Here are the top tips for cleaning your car upholstery.


Spot Clean

Spot Clean Car UpholsteryKeep a spare cloth or a roll of paper towels in your car to clean up spills right after they happen. This is much faster than removing a stain. If a stain does form, you can use a general purpose stain remover. One of the best spot cleaners you will find is 303 Spot Cleaner from Gold Eagle. Just test the stain remover on a small part of the upholstery before using more. Glass cleaner also works well, especially for difficult stains. Hairspray will remove ink stains. Remember to clean up the hairspray, or part of the upholstery could become stiff or sticky.



Vacuum Car UpholsteryRemoving dirt, sand, crumbs, and other debris can reduce the amount of wear on upholstery and carpeting. It also keeps dirt from being ground or pushed into the fabric. Vacuuming allows the upholstery to look clean longer, and the fabric won’t need to be shampooed as often. Use a vacuum attachment with a soft brush to prevent indentations in seats or carpets.


Care for Vinyl and Leather

Vinyl Leather UpholsteryMany cleaners that work great on carpet and cloth upholstery will damage vinyl and leather. Clean vinyl upholstery with a damp rag and baking soda. Then, rinse it off with water and dish soap. Mildew can sometimes form on vinyl, but it’s easy to remove by adding vinegar to the cleaning mixture. Water can damage leather upholstery, so you should use a damp cloth and mild soap when polishing this fabric. After cleaning, dry the fabric thoroughly with cloths or paper towels. Then, apply a leather protector and conditioner to keep your car looking its best.


How often car upholstery needs to be cleaned depends on how often you drive your car and the color of the upholstery. Darker colors usually look cleaner. By using these helpful tips, you can keep stains from forming on any color of upholstery, vacuum away most dirt, and keep vinyl and leather looking great. That way, more thorough cleanings will be quick, easy, and long-lasting.