Top Three Porsche’s Ever Produced

It only takes one utterance of the name Porsche to conjure up images of the fastest sports cars on the globe. While not every model has topped the speed or sales charts, there are so many winners in the Porsche garage for the speed and performance enthusiast. Picking up a mint condition car could be the investment your lead foot has been waiting for, but only if you get a model worth the money.


Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Porsche_911_gt2_rsThe $245,000 price tag puts it out of the range of most drivers, but the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is the absolute fastest car from this brand according to Elite Traveler. Take it on the track to experience the hair raising experience of driving 205 miles per hour. In less than four seconds you can hit 60 miles per hour. This sheer amount of power might be a little much for stop and go traffic or the school pick up lane.


Boxster Spyder

Boxster_SpyderIn convertible Porsche models, the Boxster Spyder really stands out. Gear Patrol recommends the 2011 version, which involves a light body thanks to aluminum doors and other upgrades. The two-piece hard top is easily set up when the weather shifts during a leisurely drive. Sporty coupes like this one are better cars for drivers who don’t have access to a race track on the weekends. Reduced weight gives it surprisingly good gas mileage for a performance vehicle. A high and tight suspension provides better handling on tight curves than classics like the 911 as well.


Porsche 356

Porsche_356_Coupe_(1964)_p1 (1)No list of top Porsche models is complete without a mention of the 356. Finding one of these cars is very difficult because only 76,000 were ever produced, according to the Porsche 356 Registry. A running vehicle is a rare piece of automotive history because this was the first production model for the company. The releases date back to 1948, and it’s estimated that less than half of the original number are still intact today. Even fewer are running and on the roads for occasional drives.

It’s hard to go wrong when you stick with one of these three Porsche cars. If you decide you don’t want to drive, you will still be able to find a collector ready to buy it from you without much of a loss over your initial investment.