Top Ten Coolest Car Gadgets Used by James Bond

Astin Martin

The iconic James Bond is a name known all over the world. Debonair, charming and courageous, the super British spy has seen and done it all. Although, he’s had a little help from the amazing cars he drives which seem to have personalities all their own. Here are 10 of the coolest car gadgets that have appeared in the James Bond films.


1. James Bond drove a Lotus Esprit in “The Spy who Loved Me” released in 1977. This car was a gadget in itself, having the ability to transform into a submarine, complete with elevator controls and a propulsion system. It also came equipped with a machine gun and a missile launcher.


2. “Tomorrow Never Dies” brought to the screen one of Bond’s favorites rides, and it was no ordinary car. This BMW was bullet proof and had a gun and missile launcher installed in the framework. It’s most outstanding feature was its remote control capability, making it totally autonomous.


3. The Aston Martin Vantage appeared in “The Living Daylights,” piloted by Timothy Dalton. Besides being a beautiful car, this model came with retractable snow skis, spiked tires, land missiles and a special cutting laser gun that could shear any metal or fabricated material.


4. “Goldfinger,” 1964, featured the iconic Aston Martin DB5 luxury runabout that would become famous and associated with all James Bond films. The DB5 was used in a number of chase scenes where it nimbly outran and outmaneuvered the competition. However, its ejection seat proved to be its life-saving gadget.


5. The Lotus Esprit Turbo, a supped up version of the older model, made its debut in the 1981 film For “Your Eyes Only.” The coolest gadget onboard was the self-destruct feature. When one of the antagonists tries to steal the vehicle, he is summarily blown to bits for his trouble.


6. Bond’s newer Aston Martin V8 Volante that appeared in the 1987 film “The Living Daylights” was no ordinary ride. This one was packed, featuring a rocket booster, chassis skis, hubcap lazer guns and a complete guided missile system. It also featured the requisite self-destruct detonator and bullet-proof glass.


7. Bond drove a BMW Z8 in the movie “The World is not Enough” in 1999. Besides a complete missile package, this car was noted for it sonic laser which let Bond eavesdrop on secret conversations inside buildings. It was also equipped with titanium armor.


8. Bond’s most exotic vehicle getaway gadget came in the form of an AMC Matador that was seen in “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Although piloted by one of his nemesis, the Matador was able to transform into a plane and take off.


9. In the feature film “Die Another Day” 2002, Bond returns to his favorite Aston Martin which had the ejector seat. It also featured under-the-hood machine guns, grille rockets and chassis-mounted cannons.


10. The Aston Martin DB5 made a recurrence in “Golden Eye,” 1995, retaining most of its familiar extras. However, special emphasis was made about this car’s creature comforts and tech savvy, like the glove box that doubled as a champagne refrigerator and a voice mail feature.