Top College Football Tailgating Schools

Tailgating Week here at Cool Rides Online concludes today. This week we have looked at some of the top tailgating vehicles in college football, went over some great tips to make your tailgating party a success, featured three of the top NFL tailgating cities as well as some of the coolest tailgating vehicles for NFL teams. Our final installment today will feature the top tailgating colleges across the country. When it comes to school spirit and pregame partying, these schools are hard to beat.



College Tailgating School #3 – Wisconsin

University of WisconsinHow can a state that changes their laws to allow earlier drinking (from 8a to 6a), specifically for tailgating purposes not make our list. Tailgates in Madison start at 6am and the parties get in full swing pretty quickly, even for night games. Students and Badger fans flock to Badgerville before each game to eat, drink and get game ready. There are tons of food and beer for students and Wisconsin supporters at Camp Randall Stadium. One of the most popular food items is the “bratburger”. On Wisconsin!



College Tailgating School #2 – LSU

LSULSU might have one of the loudest and wildest atmospheres in all of college football. It doesn’t hurt when your team is competing for a national title just about every year. The atmosphere of the tailgating parties outside of Tiger Stadium is a sight to behold. Outside of the standard foods you will find at other stadiums, you will find an outstanding variety of cajun food as well. You can try items like oyster gumbo, gator stew, boudin and boiled crab. They also do whole hog as well in a La Caja China. For a tailgating party, that’s pretty darn awesome.



College Tailgating School #1 – Ole Miss

Ole MissOne of the most regarded and well known tailgating schools across the country is at The Grove which is the tailgating area at Ole Miss. The Grove transforms into a tent city the night before each game. But on game day you will encounter a sea of red, white and blue tents and an atmosphere that is second to none. You won’t find any grills or food cooking at The Grove because grills and smokers are not allowed, but everyone either caters or bring their own food to the party. As gametime nears and The Grove starts getting crowded, you will find many fans adorned in “The Dress Code”. This code is where women wear dresses and the men wear collar shirts with regular or bow ties with seersucker suits.

The Main Event is also an Ole Miss tradition; The Walk of Champions. About 2 and a half hours before the game, the team walks through The Grove on their way to the game. Being a part of an Ole Miss Tailgate is more an experience than an event.


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