Top 10 Concept Cars That Were Actually Produced

There is always a large number of concept cars unveiled that amaze auto enthusiasts. However, only a few of these vehicles actually see production. Here is a look at the top 10 concept cars that did get produced:


1. Chevrolet Volt

Chevy_Volt_Concept_NAIAS_2007_02The Volt was one of the first hybrid electric-gasoline vehicles to be created. It entered the Chevy lineup in 2010 but not without some hesitation. At the time, few major manufacturers were using alternative fuels in vehicles. Also, the high price was a deterrent for many buyers. However, the Volt has managed to stay around and gain more popularity as time passes.


2. New Volkswagen Beetle

2006-2007_Volkswagen_New_BeetleThe Beetle was created as a tribute to the original. It is one of the most uniquely shaped vehicles on the market. After the first re-introduction in 1994, Volkswagen gave the car a facelift for 2012. The New Beetle managed to outsell its original version with 20 million sold.


3. Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche_918_Spyder_IAA_2013Debuting in 2010, the Spyder concept provided power and fuel economy in one vehicle. Two electric motors and a 500-horsepower gas engine added a great deal of strength to the car. As an added bonus, the hybrid motors delivered up to 80 miles per gallon.


4. Toyota iQ

Toyota_iQ_20090621_frontThe iQ debuted in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is a tiny car that is meant for city driving. It is a prime example of how a European microcar can find success in America.


5. Corvette Stingray

1959_Corvette_Stingray_ConceptThe Corvette Stingray was first unveiled in 1963. It looked very advanced for its time. It had numerous vents on the front, large exhaust pipes in the back and a two-tone paint job. It remains one of the best and most memorable Corvette styles of all time.


6. Nissan GT-R

NISSAN_GT-R_CONCEPT_at_TMS2001_003The 2005 concept version of the Nissan GT-R made it to the U.S. production line in 2008. It provided 485 horsepower and top speeds of 193 miles per hour. It was a true supercar that was noted for its strength. This is why it earned the nickname “Godzilla.”


7. Citroen BX

BX_(Citroën)The Citroen BX had a unique square design during a time when aerodymics were leading the auto industry. What made it very desirable was the hydro-pneumatic, self-leveling suspension and disc brakes.


8. Isuzu VehiCross

Isuzu VehiCrossThe VehiCross concept was unveiled in 1993 at the Tokyo Auto Show. It was ultimately produced in 1997. The main goal of the car was to highlight Isuzu’s off-road technology. It was one of the few vehicles to be released with external heat-expansion chambers and monotube shocks.


9. Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac SolsticeThe Solstice was added to the Pontiac line in 2004. It was designed as a roadster. Unlike other concept cars that were very expensive, the Solstice was an affordable sports car option. It offered great style to the average driver.


10. Dodge Viper

Viper7723The Dodge Viper concept shared roots with the Ford Cobra. Chrysler managed to awe the public with its sketches, which encouraged its production. No car sold in this country had more body panels crafted from resin-transfer molding, a feature that saved production time without sacrificing quality.