Tips to Make Your Tailgating Party a Success

Tailgating Week continues today at Cool Rides Online. Yesterday we took a look at some of the Coolest College Tailgating Vehicles. Today we are going to share three top tailgating tips to enhance your tailgating party experience before the next game.


Tailgating Tip #1 – Keep a Checklist(s)

Tailgating ChecklistDon’t commit your tailgating party to memory. Make sure you create at least one checklist for your tailgating party. Some of the best competition BBQ Pitmasters in the world will keep a checklist to make sure they have every task covered including the time the meat hits the grill. No stone is left unturned. Be organized and prepared.


Cooking Checklist Items Include

*  What time you need to rub or marinate each item before it hits the grill

*  What time to plate and serve up each of your appetizers

*  Intervals of saucing and mopping the food on the grill

*  Reminder to have hot coals ready to be added to the grill or smoker


Also; having a checklist of what to pack before and after the game is a great organizational tip as well. Don’t leave yourself holding the bag because you forgot to pack plates, utensils, cup and all the essentials for your party. It’s also a great way to make sure you pack the footballs, frisbees, ladder toss and cornhole games. A great checklist for packing for your party can be found at The Tailgating Pros.


Tailgating Tip #2 – Here Comes the Sun

Tailgating-Alabama-TV-TentWhen setting up your tailgating party, always make sure that you keep the sun and wind in mind. If you are setting up a TV be mindful of the direction of the sun. If the screen is facing the sun you will be fighting off glare. If you set up in the opposite direction, you’ll be looking directly into the sun. A great tip is to set up the TV under a canopy or covered area. You’ll be more comfortable and will protect your TV from the elements


Tailgating Tip #3 – Earth, Wind and Fire… and Smoke

smoke tailgatingWhen setting up your grill or smoker, be aware of wind direction. I have seen many tailgaters smoking out their party while cooking the food. Before you set up, figure out the wind direction and place your grill or smoker in an area where smoke won’t be an issue. Your friends want to smell the food while not getting punched in the face with smoke.

There are tons of other tips and tricks to make your tailgating party a hit. Feel free to share some of you favorites ones in the comments section below or on the Cool Rides Online Facebook page.