Tips for Optimizing Your Windshield Washer System

DIY car maintenanceThe windshield washer system in your car is easy to take for granted – until it doesn’t function properly right when you need it the most. Optimizing the windshield washer system in your car or truck is an affordable and easy DIY car maintenance project. Keeping your windshield washer system in top condition can help make your next road trip a safe and pleasant experience.

Windshield washer fluid
Windshield washer fluid may be the first thing that comes to mind when windshield washer systems are discussed. Checking and topping off windshield washer fluid at regular intervals can help to avoid running out of washer fluid in the middle of a drive.

Carrying a spare gallon of windshield washer fluid can be inconvenient.  Large jugs of fluid take up room in your car, tend to make noise as they roll around, and may leak and make a mess. Fortunately, an innovative option is now available. 303® Instant Windshield Washer Tablets provide triple cleaning power to completely remove bugs, road film, dirt, and grime. Instead of carrying one-gallon containers of windshield washer fluid, 303® Instant Windshield Washer Tablets quickly turn any gallon of clean water into windshield washer fluid. The tablets can also be dropped into a reservoir of clean water. Environmentally friendly, 303® helps to significantly reduce the amount of plastic containers in landfills!

The Instant Windshield Washer Tablets are also useful during winter months when many drivers use an anti-freeze windshield washer fluid. These anti-freeze fluids may help to avoid potentially dangerous freezing of the washer system, but they are poor cleaners. Simply drop a tablet in with the anti-freeze washer fluid and enjoy effective cleaning.

Windshield wiper blades
Wiper blades are an obviously integral part of the windshield washer system. Windshield wipers clear away water during rain, but are also responsible for safely clearing dirt, bugs, and other debris from the windshield. Like all rubber, windshield wiper blades can degrade with exposure to UV light and ozone. As rubber ages it becomes brittle and cracks, resulting in wiper blades that can no longer safely clear the windshield. Regular use of a product like 303® Aerospace Protectant will protect your wiper blades from environmental degradation.

The real trick to an optimized windshield washer system is to keep up with all of this maintenance on a regular basis. Doing so will keeps you safe when the weather turns ugly.

Have your own tips for keeping your windshield systems running smoothly? Share them in the comments section.