Throwback Thursdays at Kenda Drive-In


Ever wish you could take your vintage car or hot rod to a Drive-In movie theater, be surrounded by other cool classics AND get to watch a car movie?

Last year, my husband and I came up with the idea to do that very thing.  Over the winter I was in constant communication with the owners of the Kenda Drive-In, Kenda and Todd Dearing.  It is located in a small town in Marshall that is part of beautiful rural Searcy County Arkansas.  The Drive-In was built 50 years ago by Kenda’s parents who put their daughter’s name on the marquee.

Our event is called “Throwback Thursdays” and is held the last Thursday of the month.  The event is limited to pre-1980 vehicles and we decided to show movies from March until July, as the Drive-In has other events planned in August.  Admittance to the movie is free and goody bags are given out to all “first-timers” who have not attended one of the movie nights before.  Punch cards are given to each car that comes through.  The car owners are told that the more nights they attend the better chance they have at winning prizes.


The Drive-In provides an atmosphere that is similar to a rock concert.  Classic music such as Bob Seger and Lynyrd Skynyrd is played during the hours before the movie starts, T-shirts are sold listing all of the dates and movies on the back and the concession stand is busy selling all kinds of unbelievably great tasting food at unbelievably CHEAP prices.


As with all car events, the main purpose of any automotive event is getting together people who LOVE cars and the lifestyle. When all of the socializing and drooling over cars is over, everyone prepares to either sit in their cars or outside in lawn chairs and watch a CAR movie!  For this year’s series of car movies we opened with the cult classic “Two Lane Blacktop”, moved on to “Vanishing Point”; the 1971 original, watched Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof”, and last month saw a movie titled “Clutch”.

Watch a short video about the event here!

Our finale is July 28 and we are showing one of my favorite car movies, “Smokey and the Bandit”. The car owners who have attended the most movie nights will be in for a real treat.  They will be receiving wash buckets filled with premium products from 303®.  This new line from Gold Eagle, makers of 303® Products, includes seven product formulations.  The winners will not only be getting all seven full sized products, they will also be getting a vast assortment of sponges, towels, microfiber cloths and pads to use with those products!!  I think everyone will be quite shocked and overjoyed with all of the great products that I will be handing out all thanks to Gold Eagle and Cool Rides Online.


This has definitely been a highlight of my year.  Being a CRO Champ, with Gold Eagle supporting me and supplying all of these great products really makes for a wonderful and memorable event, not only for all of the car owners but for the whole community of car people who will continue to hear about these types of grassroots events.


-Chris Gibbany

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Watch the 3/31/16 Event Video Here