Three Best Lamborghini’s Ever Made

In the 1960s, Ferruccio Lamborghini began creating vehicles with the speed and beauty of the Ferrari brand but with more comfort. He assembled a fine team of automotive engineers to design some of the most exotic performance cars of all time. Here are the three best Lamborghini vehicles ever produced.


Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini_Countach_LP500SCountach is translated to mean “Wow.” It began production in 1974 but was illegal in the U.S. until 1989. It was made famous for its ability to reach 200 mph, a feat uncommon for a car of its era. Toward the end of production, the car was able to produce up to 455 horsepower.


Lamborghini Murcielago

Gray_Lamborghin murci_LP640The Murcielago marked the first new design for Lamborghini in 11 years. The car, which was named after a fighting bull that survived a number of sword wounds, was introduced in 2001 under the ownership of Volkswagen. This Lamborghini model contained all-wheel drive and produced 661 horsepower. The latest version manufactured in 2010 went from 0-60 in three seconds and boasted a top speed of 209 mph.


Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini AventadorThe Aventador is the latest Lamborghini hypercar creation. It provides 700 horsepower from its V12 engine and contains the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. Once again, the car was named for a famous bull known for its courage. It can go from 0-60 mph in under 2.9 seconds. The vehicle is a masterpiece of technology and the trademark of Italian performance. Even though it may be flamboyant and impractical, it is an automobile that goes unrivaled in the world of sports cars.

Lamborghini has always set the bar for sports cars. The style and performance are hard to surpass. The three cars mentioned above top the list of Lamborghini offerings that are meant for street use. They will go down in history as some of the most magnificent cars ever produced.