Three Best Custom Convertibles

Convertibles week concludes today with a look at what I think are the 3 best custom convertibles. Having a convertible allows a driver to take to the road and connect with nature. It has always been a status that signifies youth and fun times. Besides stock models, some companies or individuals design custom convertibles that bring awe and excitement to everyone on the road. Here is a look at three of the best custom convertibles.


1937 Ford Custom Convertible

1937 Ford Custom ConvertibleOne of the coolest street rods also makes the list of top custom convertibles. This 1937 Ford was created by Brockmeyer Design with Stuban Concepts. Its award-winning style is a result of 8,500 building hours. Fine exterior details include a flush concealed top, curved glass and stainless moldings. Under the hood, a 4.6-liter modular dual overhead cam, 32-valve V8 engine provides 400 horsepower. The interior includes the same quality craftsmanship. Chrome fills the cockpit, and other features update the classic. The convertible top is deep blue with leather accents. All the custom details provide a futuristic appeal and make it one of the best custom convertibles ever.


2009 “Revenge” R/T Challenger Convertible

revenge convertibleAny muscle car enthusiast will agree that “Revenge” is sweet with this Challenger convertible. It was created during a time of great turmoil in the auto industry. In 2009, Chrysler was bailed out by the government and decided to reorganize. Skeptics worried that Dodge would discontinue its famous pony car. However, the car manufacturer rose from the ashes and returned to its Mopar roots.

The Challenger custom convertible from Drop Top Customs was based on the design of the classic 1970 Challenger. The top was removed, and snakeskin green highlights were added around the vehicle. Green Halo effect lights were also added for a unique touch as well.


1988 Lincoln Limochero

LimocheroThe Lincoln Limochero by TLC Sales is best described as “redneck” luxury. It began as a 1998 Town Car Coach limo placed on a 1986 F150 Quad Suspension frame. The unique look would not be complete without an extra lift as well. It contains a black canvas roof and various limo amenities. To make it an all-weather vehicle, the rear cover has boat bows. To keep things “fancy,” there is a lighted bar area. To make the exterior pop at night, the side panels have running board lights and diamond aluminum on the bottom. Under the hood is a 5.0 V8 engine. Admittedly not a vehicle that will meet the taste of all people, it certainly will be appreciated by Generation X.