The ultimate rides for winter: The best full-size SUV and AWD wagons

Even though some parts of the country have already experienced a blast of crazy winter weather, there are still a few weeks left of fall before the seasons officially change. However, it’s time for drivers to start thinking about packing up their hot-wheels for the season and putting chains on their cars to battle harsh road conditions.

When it comes to winter driving, everyone has a different opinion about what the best ride is to battle the extreme elements. Some people swear by their full size SUVs while others think a all-wheel-drive wagon (AWD) is the perfect chariot on icy streets.


Chevrolet Tahoe vs. Ford Expedition

As far as SUVs go, two of the best-selling full-size models are the Chevy Tahoe and the Ford Expedition. These cars are two names that most buyers are rather familiar with, as the Tahoe nameplate has been on the road since 1992 and the Expedition since 1997.

When you place these two SUVs head-to-head, the Tahoe is the clear winner. The newer models have a tighter chassis compared to the Expedition with a powerful towing capability thanks to the monster V8 under the hood. Even with a full cabin and a small UHaul attached to the rear this beast can move.

The Expedition isn’t all bad, as it too is powered by a massive V8 and is more than capable at towing a boat around town, but its looks and dimensions are what make this car a loser in my book. This ride has looked the same since 1997 for the most part, and it has some strange blind spots that make parallel parking next to impossible. Worst of all, according to Forbes, a bumpy ride on this dated chassis may give you motion sickness compared to the smooth suspension of the Chevy.


Saab vs. Subaru

In New England, drivers are steadfast in their brand loyalty, and given the unpredictable weather in this region, the sales volume of some brands and models in this part of the country makes perfect sense. Saab, for instance, is a rare find in most parts of the country, but in New England, these cars have historically been some of the best-selling luxury models in the regional market.

Same goes for Subaru, a brand which has never had a problem appealing to buyers who live in areas with four distinct seasons. Drivers throughout the Northeast gobble up these all-wheel-drive models because unlike many older Japanese carlines, Subarus won’t dissolve when the weather gets wet and the roads salty.

When all is said and done, Saab’s have a better reliability than Subaru’s, though you can actually take a Subaru Outback off-road while a 9-5 Wagon would get stuck in the mud. While a Saab might be great for daily driving, I’d rather be at the wheel of a Subaru during a winter snowstorm.

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Which ride would you choose when the temperatures drop and snow starts to pile up? leave your comments below: