The Three Craziest Monster Trucks

Monster truck competitions have deep roots in pop culture. They include vehicles that have been modified with large wheels and suspensions. It can be very entertaining and exciting to watch these large trucks crushing a course and performing freestyle. Here are three of the craziest monster trucks around.


Grave Digger

monster truck- grave diggerGrave Digger was created by Dennis Anderson from a 1952 Ford truck. It is a throwback, especially since most vehicles that currently compete are much more modern. In 1987, it became famous after defeating the industry’s top machine Big Foot. It is crazy to think that this monster truck originated from spare junkyard parts. Over the years, it has seen some changes, including its trademark green and black flame paint job. The origin, imagery, and wild reputation add to the popularity of this monster truck and continue to maintain its legendary status.


Jurassic Attack

monster truck-Jurrasic_attackThe most recognized monster truck around is Jurassic Attack. It is owned by Don Frankish and includes a crazy 3D body design that resembles a triceratops dinosaur from Jurassic Park. It is considered a brother to the team’s Maniac truck. The look is completely original and makes an unforgettable entry into the Monster Jam series. Anyone interested in becoming part of the truck’s history can rent a 10-passenger exhibition vehicle built in a similar fashion for private parties.


El Toro Loco

monster truck-El_toro_locoEl Toro Loco is modeled after a bull that is ready to charge the competition. It is extremely popular for its “raging” attitude in the stadium. This truck also utilizes a 3D design with horns that protrude from the roof. Although it began with a poor racing performance, this truck often takes top billing during freestyle competitions. Today, the popularity of El Toro Loco has extended the brand to four trucks. The latest version features a low center-of-gravity and soft suspension. It continues to excite crowds everywhere and is sure to be around for many more years.