The Ten Best Selling Cars of All Time

best selling carsThe list of ten best-selling cars of all time includes some of most fascinating cars ever made in the world.  The global auto industry may be struggling today, but car makers have made more than a few grand-slams with these top selling cars of all time:

10. Chevrolet Impala; 1958 to Present; 14 million units sold

When the Impala first hit the roads in 1958, the American car was marketed as a high-end luxury vehicle that any middle-class buyer could afford. The tactic worked, and in 1964 the Impala set a still-standing record for all time one-year sales.

9. VW Passat; 1973 to Present; 14.1 million units sold

When sales for the Volkswagen Beetle began to wane in the late 1960s, the Passat was there to save the company with its front-wheel drive, water-cooled engine and modern design.

8. Honda Accord; 1976 to Present; 15.8 million units sold

Between 1982 and 1997, the Accord was the king of Japanese car exports to the United States and was sold in more world markets than any other car. Synonymous with reliability, the Accord embodied the efficiency and high standards of Japanese manufacturing.

7. Ford Model T; 1908 to 1927; 16.5 million units sold

Undoubtedly the most influential car of the last century, the Model T was not only the first mass-produced car; it was also the first to be affordable to everyday middle-class Americans. The car revolutionized transportation and manufacturing in the United States and led to the establishment of the country’s interconnected system of paved roads and highways.

6. Honda Civic; 1972 to Present; 17.7 million units sold

Low priced, comfortable and efficient, the high-quality Honda Civic is the ultimate “economy car” and is now the best-selling vehicle in the US.

5. Ford Escort; 1967 to 2003; 20 million units sold

The first “world car” introduced by Ford, the Escort was first produced in the United Kingdom to meet the needs of gas-starved Europeans. Americans also fell for the car’s sporty design and affordable price tag.

4. Volkswagen Beetle; 1938 to 1979; 23 million units sold

The longest-running body type of all time, the Beetle was conceived as a “people’s car” and gained popularity thanks to its exceptional level of durability, power, comfort and performance.

3. VW Gold; 1974 to Present; 25 million units sold

When the Beetle was labeled as obsolete, it was replaced by the Golf, known for its low price, high-quality engineering and reputation for reliability.

2. Ford F-Series; 1948 to Present; 30 million units sold

Notably the only truck on the list, the F-Series full-sized pick-up was the top selling vehicle in the US for over two decades and is rumored to be responsible for more than half of Ford’s total profits.

1. Toyota Corolla; 1966 to Present; 32 million units sold

The Corolla’s mix of style, performance, price and dependability makes it the best-selling car of all time. Made in 16 different countries, one Corolla is sold every 40 seconds. Although the car has seen ten major design evolutions, it has maintained its sub-compact style and quality engineering for drivers all over the world.

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Image By: Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi