The plot thickens in the case of the missing Briggs Cunningham Corvette

An intriguing story is taking place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, as a long lost Corvette has yet again disappeared after resurfacing in a St. Petersburg, Florida, storage unit earlier this summer.

Autoweek reported on August, 27 that the storied Briggs Cunningham #1 Corvette had reappeared after disappearing more than 40 years ago amidst a cloud of mystery.

The Corvette was one of three owned by manufacturer and legendary racer Briggs Cunningham, who drove the trio at Le Mans in 1960. The second and third Corvette of the trio had been accounted for since Cunninghams attempt more than five decades ago, however, the whereabouts of the first Corvette have been a mystery to collectors for years.

The lost 'Vette was driven by Cunningham himself as well as his co-pilot William Kimberly. However, the duo crashed the car before ever crossing the finish line.

On June 21, Rick Carr decided to Google the VIN number on an old Corvette his late father had left sitting in storage for years. The search led him to the official website for Briggs Cunningham, and matched the VIN of the missing Corvette listed on the site.

Carr contacted Larry Berman, the official Briggs Cunningham historian, and brought the rusted classic up to Pennsylvania to be shown at the annual Corvettes at Carlisle auto show.

However, after a brief public exhibition on the eve of the event, officials removed the car from the show amidst mysterious circumstances, claiming the Corvette was being hidden for security reasons.

Motor Authority reports that the car was removed from the show because of an ownership dispute between Carra and a fellow Floridian. Allegedly, car collector Dan Mathis Jr. told event officials that he has documentation that proves the car was stolen from his family back in the 1970s, and that he was heading to Carlisle to collect what Mathis claims is rightfully his.

How do you see this story panning out? Will the public ever see the first 1960 Cunningham Corvette again? Let us know your thoughts below: