The New i30N

First off it’s not available in the United States, SORRY! But here is more about it anyways, just in case at some point it is available! The Hyundai i30n is based off of the U.S. version Elantra GT, now what makes this different is that little N, which is subtly thrown in at the end of i30. N- is Hyundai’s new performance division, that will hopefully be debuting in the Veloster lineup in the U.S. this coming year.

But, back to the i30N. This hot hatch is a GTI slaying machine, sorry VW guys, but Hyundai is coming for you strong. This i30n has a direct injected 2.0L Turbo engine, cranking out 271 ponies and 260 lb-ft of torque. All of this power is transmitted through a six-speed manual gearbox to an electronic limited slip differential. Plus, you also get adaptive dampers, variable exhaust, and a 5 mode drive selector! Oh, by the way all of this is standard equipment.

As far as the exterior goes nothing to flashy here, which we feel is a good thing. It gets a few body add on’s such as a splitter, some red accents, and a spoiler. Also, red accented brake calipers. But, as said the car already has beautiful lines, so Hyundai did not go over the top here and make it look riced out, which we feel is a good thing.

Overall the Hyundai i30N is a neat machine that we hope to see succeed in the hot hatch race going on overseas, but for now here in the States we will have to just sit back and watch. Hopefully the new Veloster N that will be available in the states will live up to the i30N.

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