The McLaren P1

McLaren P1The McLaren P1 is one of the world’s premier super cars. As it has succeeded the F1, the entire design and performance outdoes almost any other vehicle and exudes the essence of what a modern vehicle should be. Here is a closer look at this marvel.

The power of the P1 is produced by an engine and electric motor. When these two power sources are combined, the car is capable of delivering 903 horsepower and 664 pounds of torque. The 324 cell battery can be charged by wall plug or deceleration. When using the “Charge” button on the dash, the V8 engine is transformed into a generator that can refresh the battery in under 10 minutes.

This quick delivery system is the secret that allows a driver to use all available electric power when flooring the gas pedal. To minimize drag, there is also a drag-reduction system that utilizes a rear wing. The P1 has 1,323 pounds of available downforce at 160 mph. This is more than any other production car in history.

The McLaren P1 has an “Active” button that unleashes numerous modes; launch, track, race and sport. Each will help to adjust suspension, power delivery and chassis settings. For top response, the steering is electro-hydraulically boosted, and the brakes are crafted from carbon-ceramic. For added driving satisfaction, the suspension includes a lift mode to avoid bumps or other road hazards. For incredible speed and efficiency, the body includes a great deal of aluminum and Kevlar carbon fiber. The entire weight is under 3,100 pounds.

If all of these features sound fascinating and you have an extra $1.5 million sitting around, you may be one of 375 lucky people to claim this car. Even though this price is high, it is a safe investment. The value of these cars is known to greatly increase with time.