The Manly Merits of Owning a Pickup Truck

The Manly Merits of Owning a Pickup TruckThe pickup truck is an American classic, an automotive expression of masculinity. It’s rugged, tough and takes no prisoners. You need not be a carpenter or lumberjack to enjoy the unique utility that the pickup truck offers in troves. Here are but a few of the advantages of driving the meanest machine on four wheels.



The road can’t always take you where you want to go. Sometimes, a man needs to veer off the asphalt and create his own road. Enter the pickup truck. It’s the ideal vehicle to make quick work of harsh terrain. It’s the vehicle of adventurers. It’s for the go-getters who want the freedom to travel anywhere, anytimeadverse weather conditions be damned. Pickups scoff at mountains, crunching gravel into dust and ease through furrowed forest floors. Equipped with the right Nitto tires like the Mud Grappler, the earth has few areas left where the pickup can’t prevail.


Precious Cargo

The pickup is the ultimate cargo-carrying behemoth aside from a commercial semi truck. There isn’t a whole lot a man could want that a pickup bed can’t deliver. Home improvements are a cinch after purchasing a pickup the transportation of the materials are, anyway. Camping enthusiasts can store multiple tents, a grill or camp stove, a plethora of sleeping bags and even a bundle of lumber for a bonfire. For blue collar workers and handymen, a pickup’s bed is the ideal two-in-one tool and toolbox. There’s no need for bungee cords and cramming mammoth appliances into the trunk anymore. Whether you want to chop down a pine tree for Christmas or haul back a trophy from a hunting trip, the pickup truck is for you.


Towing and Fro-ing

Add a trailer hitch to your pickup truck, and you can tow just about anything. For seafaring men, a pickup makes boat transport feasible and simple. Take a weekend fishing trip or spend a day out on the lake with your family whenever you want. For those that like to keep their feet planted firmly on land, pickups cater to outdoor adventurers and can easily accommodate an ATV or dirt bike. Last but not least, should you experience an episode of wanderlust, simply attach a mobile home to the hitch and you can live wherever your wheels take you.


Safety First

Peruse any injury/fatality statistics report on car and truck crashes, and you’ll notice a clear victor emerges when it comes down to saving lives. Firstly, the pickup truck’s elevated height enables drivers an advantageous view of drivers and surroundings. Heavy-dutypickupsespecially live up to their name after undergoing a collision due to their brutish mass. It isn’t rare to drive by a crumpled, unsalvageable car on the road’s shoulder next to a pickup with nary a scratch nor dent. It’s a matter of physics, you see.

By: Greg Dunn

From New Hampshire, Greg owes his love of language and reading to his mother, a school teacher who taught him how to say curse words in 15 languages.