The Green Hornet – 1966 Chrysler Imperial

“The Green Hornet” was an adventure television show that starred a Black Beauty 1966 Chrysler Imperial. Although the show only lasted one season, many people remember the beautiful car enhanced to be the ultimate bad boy. Here is a look back at its features.


Original 1966 Chrysler Imperial Features

The 1966 Chrysler Imperial was available in a hardtop or convertible model. Under the hood, it had a 440-cubic-inch V8 engine with dual exhausts. It was estimated to go from zero to 60 mph in under 10 seconds. Also, a TorqueFlite automatic transmission was standard. The biggest change from other years was the 50/50 bench seat. Other popular options included air conditioning, Auto Pilot and full leather interior.


The Imperial from “The Green Hornet”

The Green Hornet - 1966 Chrysler Imperial“The Green Hornet” began as a radio drama and evolved into a television show. The program consisted of a publisher turned superhero who hid his identity to protect and serve the citizens of the city. In each episode, the lead actor rode in his Black Beauty, which was customized in grand style.

The Imperial from “The Green Hornet” was fully loaded with gadgets. It had a pop-out cannon in the trunk, machine guns behind the grill, night vision headlights and tire track sweepers behind the back tires. The exterior was painted in a dark green metallic color.


“The Green Hornet” Today

In 2011, a new movie version was released. It continued the same action and adventure made famous in its early beginnings. Behind the scenes of the latest film, 25 cars were rebuilt to look like the original.

People remember this car fondly. It is the envy of anyone who ever dreamed of living the life of a superhero. Originally built as an exhibition car, it toured the country as a big part of the Star Car Collection. Today, it is possible to rent the vehicle for special events.