The Best Way to Wash and Wax Your Car

Wash your car - 600px-EverythingYouNeed-Step-2Keeping a car washed and waxed will preserve the exterior paint job. However, it is essential to use the right products and techniques. Here are the best ways to correctly wash and wax a car.


Where to Wash and Wax a Car


It is always best to wash and wax a car in a cool and shady place. Heat from the sun may cause minerals that exist in water to leave spots. Even though today’s waxes are “sun-friendly,” a car’s surface should never be too warm for best results.


When to Wash and Wax a Car


A car should frequently be rinsed. It is essential to wash off bird droppings, tree sap or dead bugs as soon as possible. If a person lives in a place with high levels of acid rain, it is best to rinse the car after a storm as well.


What Products Should Be Used


carcareA person should never use hand soap or dish detergent to wash a car. This can harm the paint and strip off wax. It is better to use a mild automotive wash product and to apply it with a natural sponge or wool mitt. To clean stubborn grease or tar from wheel wells, a stronger product may be necessary. A different cloth should be used in this area to prevent the sponge from becoming extremely dirty.


How To Wash and Wax the Car


howtoThe sponge should never be moved in circles. This can cause scratching. It is better to use long, even movements over the vehicle. A person should never use a sponge that has dropped on the ground because it may have collected dirt that can scratch the paint.


A person should wax a car every three months. Synthetic polymer waxes will provide the best protection and are simple to use. A spray wax is quick to apply, but does not give the same longlasting protection. However, it works well as a booster. To apply the wax, a person should use small circular strokes, one section at a time.


The car should be dried with a chamois instead of letting it air dry. It is most effective to blot up the water. A squeegee may speed up the process and will not cause damage.


The above tips will help a person learn how to properly wash and wax a car. This will prolong the brightness and shine of a vehicle’s exterior. As a result, a car can appear like new for many years.