The 5 Worst Cars Of 2014

When a person is about to buy a new car, it is appropriate to have a list of the top vehicles. However, it will also be important to know what cars to stay away from. Here are the five worst cars of 2014.


5. Scion iQ

Scion IQ

The Scion iQ is possibly one of the scariest cars on the road. The car is extremely small and gets lost on the highway among all of the larger SUVs. Other cars in the same segment like the Mini Cooper or Fiat 500 are also small, but they come with much better handling and stability, They also provide a more substantial feeling on the road.


4. Lincoln MKS


Even though the Lincoln MKS is a luxury vehicle, it is one of the worst cars produced in 2014. Like most high end cars, the Lincoln is based off of a less expensive brand. For example, the Cadillac XTS is based off the Buick Lacrosse platform, and the Lexus ES350 is based off the Toyota Avalon. The MKS is based of the Ford Taurus, but it fails to provide anything better. Considering the high price, a driver would expect to see some substantial changes.


3. Ford Taurus


The Ford Taurus fails to impress on many levels. To begin, the MyFordTouch system is hard to use, and the poor visibility makes it challenging to drive. There are too many impressive full-sized sedans on the market for Ford to create such a deadbeat.


2. Dodge Avenger


The Avenger was introduced in hopes of appealing to the crowd of drivers who wanted a cool vehicle but with extra space. Besides the available V6 engine option, this car cannot compare to the competition. The rear seating is small, and the truck space is very limited. Upscale features like a rearview camera are not even available, and the interior layout is not comfortable.


1. Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer

The Lancer’s exterior design has always drawn people who wanted a compact sedan. However, nothing besides the outward appearance is meant to impress. The interior contains cheap plastic and few standard technological options. The base engine lacks power, and the car’s fuel economy is lower than most in the class. As more and more cars enter this segment, the Lancer is being left in the dust.


The above cars are considered the worst vehicles of 2014. It is advised to look elsewhere when visiting a local dealership. With the high level of competition, a driver is sure to find a vehicle that fits individual wants and needs.