The 5 Best Cars at SEMA

Specialty Equipment Market Association may be a mouthful, but when this group of aftermarket parts suppliers comes together for their annual trade show, they always bring some amazing show cars. These are some of the highlights of this year’s event:



Greddy Racing FR-S


Greddy Racing FR-SThere were plenty of fixed-up versions of this Toyota/Subaru sports car on hand, but Greddy’s version stands out thanks to the powerplant: In place of the boxer engine is a 2JZ-GTE twin-turbo, straight six taken from the fourth gen. Supra. Numerous upgrades provide 750 hp and 730 lb-ft of torque, making it perfect for drifting.



Bisimoto Honda Odyssey


Bisimoto-Honda-OdysseyIt wouldn’t be SEMA without a few utterly impractical cars, and this year that honor goes to Bisimoto’s Odyssey minivan. Twin turbochargers coupled with a host of internal engine upgrades increases output to over 1,000 hp, but with all that power going to the front wheels, torque steer must be tremendous. Even if the van tends to go sideways at full throttle, the passengers will be protected by a full roll cage and kept comfortable in six Recaro bucket seats.



1969 Ford Gran Torino Talladega GPT Special


gpt-specialBASF has a reputation for commissioning spectacular cars to showcase their new paints, and this restomod Ford is no exception. The Torino’s design was inspired by earlier Lamborghinis, which make the Italian-style metal ring seats a perfect fit. A fuel-injected 530 cubic inch (8.7 liter) V8 provides 700 hp while an Eaton posi-traction axle helps with traction and an Art Morrison chassis aids handling. The result is something that looks less like a modern interpretation and more like a restored concept car.



Jeep Wrangler Stitch


Jeep Wrangler StitchCarbon fiber and aluminum are usually reserved for supercars, but the Stitch uses these materials to give the Wrangler the same power-to-weight ratio as a Grand Cherokee SRT using the stock engine. Worried about banging up the exterior while doing some rock crawling? No problem! These parts are designed for easy removal for quick repairs in the field.



1971 Pantera ADRNLN


ring-brothers-adrnln-de-tomaso-pantera-2013-sema-show_100445566_lAfter her husband died before finishing the restoration of his Pantera, Cheryl Brickle took the project car to Ringbrothers. They took things a few steps further, creating a restomod masterpiece: The front end was restyled, replacing the flip-up headlights with plastic-covered bulbs, while Nike provided a new leather interior. Ford fans may cringe at the Chevy LS3 small block mounted behind the seats, but the builders trimmed it in blue as a nod to the original powerplant. Like BASF’s Torino, the ADRNLN modernizes the car in a way that improves on the style of the original.