The 10 ugliest car colors of all time

There are a few car colors that are designed specifically to complement specific models. Fans of the 1969 Camaro, for example, love them some Hugger Orange – named after the ad campaign that featured an orange z/28 "hugging the road – and we can all agree that Ferraris probably look their best when they are soaked in glossy red. However, we have all also been forced to get behind the wheel of at least one car with a little too much personality, whether it was because you had to settle on a poorly shaded junker for your first car or got stuck with the last, vomit-colored rental in the lot.

Recently, compiled their own list of the car colors that in their opinion are considered the most offensive shades to ever grace the roadway. Whether they were offensively boring or simply just hard to look at, these tones are all undoubtedly style faux pas that the manufacturers never should have gambled with.

10. White Sand Beige – The editors of compare the shade to the color of silly putty. It's not quite pink and its not quite khaki but it is completely hideous on almost any car.

9. Alien Green – This doesn't even need an explanation to describe how unappealing it is. What the branding team at Kia was thinking when they developed this name, we'll never know.

8. Apple Green – You wouldn't want to drive a Bentley that more resembles a Blow Pop than a serious luxury car, so why does the company even offer this shade?

7. Camel Pearl – Designed to hide dirt, this shade does so almost too well – according to the editors, it makes the car never look really clean.

6. Caribbean Pearl –'s chief mom Kristin Varela compares the Caribbean Pearl to a "bizarre fleshy bind fish that live in sunless underground cave pools. Looks weird in nature, and even weirder on a car."

5. Green Matte – Editors compared this shade to the color of the Hulk when he's angry, and not in a flattering way. One editor went as far as to say that it actually looked like a booger that "slimed out of someones nose" when it was used on a Smart ForTwo the they had tested.

4. Habanero Orange – This color is about as hot as the food it is named for in that it literally hurts your eyes to look at this thing when the sun is shining on it. In fact, the staff went as far as to deem the shade dangerous for being such a distraction.

3. Sunburst Orange Peel – Which is it – 'sunburst' or 'orange peel?' the name of this color is as redundant as its own existence. Dodge keeps on trying to make this color happen, and I wish they would stop.

2. Techno Pink – How can you possibly take yourself seriously driving a car the is techno pink? Even the most immature sorority girl would laugh at the site of this color, which Chevy has featured on their new subcompact, the Spark. photo editor Evan Sears says, "it looks like pizza-and-wine vomit — not that I have any clue what that looks like."

1. Two-tone paint – It's one thing to have one bad color on your car, but when you throw in a second offender, that is reason enough to have your license suspended, because clearly you can't see. The Ram 1500 was one example the company used, as the special edition model overdoes it big time with contrasting black and beige that simply does not work.

What's the ugliest colored car you've ever driven? Do you agree with this list? Leave your thoughts below: