The 10 Most Gas-Guzzling Vehicles

2014-Mercedes-Benz-G550-G-Class-SUVA heavy foot can turn any vehicle into a gas-guzzler, but some cars come by this label naturally. Not including supercars like the Ferrari FF and the Bugatti Veyron, or obvious guzzlers like large vans and limousines, here are the biggest offenders for low MPG:


10. Hyundai Equus


  •  15 city, 23 highway (18 combined)


The Equus is one of the most cost-effective ways to get into a luxury car, but drivers will need to get used to a vehicle near the bottom of its class for fuel economy.


9. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 4matic (wagon)


  •  15 city, 21 highway (17 combined)


This Mercedes wagon might be a terrible choice for a family road trip. The family would see more gas stations than historical landmarks.


8. Nissan Frontier 4WD


  •  15 city, 21 highway (17 combined)


Pickup trucks aren’t known for their fuel economy, but the Nissan Frontier does enjoy plowing through a tank of gas.


7. Dodge Durango RWD


  •  14 city, 23 highway (17 combined)


The Durango offers acceptable MPG on the highway but is a shockingly bad gas guzzler on city streets.


6. Infiniti QX70 AWD


  •  14 city, 20 highway (16 combined)


Driving this Infiniti means infinite trips to the gas station. The hefty 23.8-gallon tank seems insufficient.


5. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD


  •  14 city, 20 highway (16 combined)


Jeep boasts that its newest Grand Cherokee got a boost in fuel efficiency, but only if you want to pony up about $4,500 extra for its EcoDiesel engine.


4. Cadillac CTS Wagon


  •  12 city, 18 highway (14 combined)


It seems sacrilegious to bad-mouth a Caddy, but this wagon won’t win any awards for fuel economy.


3. Chevrolet Camaro


  •  12 city, 18 highway (14 combined)


Fast and mean, the fifth-gen Camaro also gets terrible gas mileage. Perhaps the sixth-gen, due in 2016, will treat a driver’s wallet a little better.


2. Ford F150 Pickup 4WD


  •  12 city, 16 highway (13 combined)


Oil companies love the Ford F150 because it’s the bestselling vehicle in the United States and keeps millions of owners filling up with an estimated 13 combined fuel economy.


1. Mercedes-Benz G550


  •  12 city, 15 highway (13 combined)


This throwback SUV tends to see more time on the highway than on the savannas of Africa, but it gets bad fuel economy no matter the terrain.