Tesla unveils new all-electric sports car that dreams of being a minivan

Tesla Motors recently unveiled their latest all-electric game-changer – well, at least a few drawings – the Model X,  and as revolutionary this model is for its gas-free design, it is grabbing an equal number of headlines for it's utilization of a gull-wing door to allow passengers entry into the car's back seat.

Consumers seem to have a love-hate relationship with non-traditional door designs, and the gull-wing is no exception. For starters, good luck getting a space in a parking garage that can accommodate your ride without taking up at least three spots and smashing your doors into the ceiling. And who wants to wait for the doors to raise when you could just as easily crank open the side door and be on your way in no time?

According to an interview with Fast Company Magazine, a senior Tesla official stated that this ride doesn't have gull-wings but in fact one giant "falcon"-winged door that is double hinged to economize space. Whatever bird they want to source their inspiration from, the design team still created a car that  suffers from at least a few aesthetic flaws.

Chief designer Franz Von Holzhausen told Fast Company that the Model X, "has the functionality and roominess of a minivan, the style of an SUV, and the performance of a sportscar" in that it can go from 0-60 in roughly 4.4 seconds even with an entire soccer team buckled up in the backseat. But judging from the looks of this crossover, there seems to be not so much a seamless integration of all of these different vehicle configurations as different pieces pasted together.

It's a great concept in theory but with a dubious execution. While this car may be the perfect antidote for some speed hungry dads, I'll take a real sports car over this crossover any day.

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