Study finds average fuel economy for new cars on the rise

With gas topping $4 a gallon throughout much of the United States, you may be thinking about potentially shelling money out for a new model depending on your current car’s fuel efficiency. If your car is sucking away your hard-earned cash, then you may be interested to hear about a recent survey by, a website dedicated to car pricing trends.

The report found that the new cars currently on the market are getting more MPG than ever. Jess Toprak, the vice president of, announced his company’s results, saying that “the American consumer shopping for a new car is seeing the most fuel-efficient lineup of vehicles ever while manufacturers are keeping the product just as exciting.”

Overall, if you were shopping for a new car in February, the average fuel economy for these cars was 23.2 MPG, which was up from the 21.4 MPG the study observed one year ago. According to the researchers, car shoppers who purchased Hyundai, Toyota and Nissan models reaped the biggest benefits of this increased MPG, as each car maker bested the industry average, placing one, two and three in providing the most MPG, respectively.

American car makers Ford and GM offered cars with MPG that kept pace with the average. (This may be of interest to those who would rather purchase a new Mustang or Camaro with improved MPG).

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