STABIL Brings Racecar Driving Fantasy to Life with sweepstakes


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Get Ready to Ride with Pro Racecar Driving Tips

To join in the excitement around performance vehicle racing, STA-BIL is a sponsor of Continental Racing team founded by professional racer, Joel Weinberger. To offer some insights into the world of professional racecar driving, Joel share some unique tips on what it takes to manage and master the art of racecar driving.


1. Smooth is fast. The more you minimize weight transfer, the less you upset the vehicle balance and allow the vehicle to take advantage of the most grip on the track.

2. Slow in, fast out. You will produce a much better laptime if you slow the car enough to be able to apply power early as you exit the corner. If you are still correcting the vehicle’s trajectory after you have reached the inside apex, then you have either taken the wrong line or carried too much speed into the corner. This prevents you from applying the accelerator early to get a good launch onto the next straight.

3. Look way ahead! Don’t look right in front of the car, but rather look ahead where you want to go. When you are moving at great speed, you can’t change what’s right in front of you. However, if you plan ahead by looking far ahead, you can put your vehicle in the right position for what’s coming. For example, as I enter the braking zone, I am already looking beyond the inside apex and through to the exit of the corner.

4. Get Comfortable. Make sure your driving position is comfortable where you can fully depress the pedals and your arms are not too far extended. I like my arms to be at slightly more than a 90 degree angle when grasping the wheel at the 10 and 2 positions (think clock).

5. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t expect to be fast in your first session, or even your tenth. Look for subtle improvements each time out. Start with a safe braking point, take a mental note, and continue to push it farther toward the corner in small increments until you are no longer able to be smooth through the corner. If you are fighting to keep the car under control once you reach the corner, you’re likely entering it too fast and need to slow down.

6. Use visual cues as much as possible. Look for painted lines, asphalt cracks, brake markers, or other cues that can be used to create a consistent brake point, turn-in point, exit point during each successive lap.

7. Get a device to help guide your moves. If you get a little more serious, purchase an inexpensive GPS predictive timer like the AIM Solo. An easy-to-install device like this can give you instant real-time feedback if your changes in racing line and brake points are helping or hurting your lap times.

8. Get a driving instructor if possible. Most drivers may have a small ego, okay big ego (me included) and think they are above-average drivers. Put your pride aside and learn from someone with experience in race driving, and it will really pay off in the long run.

9. Develop on-track awareness. I’ve seen too many new drivers with a death-grip on the wheel and their blinders on. You need to know what’s in your mirrors and be predictable with your actions. If you make an unexpected move to get out of the way of an approaching car, you are more likely to cause an accident. It is much better to give a clear “point by” to let the faster vehicle know that you see him and which side he should pass.


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