Sold! Sold! Sold! CRO Champ In-Action

By Curt Kimmel

Excitement was high upon entering the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Mecum Auction was in town and so were thousands of spectators and potential buyers. Cool Rides Online (CRO) Champ Curt Kimmel was among the throng for the second time to peruse the inventory and dream of owning a collector car.

It seemed that every arena in this large complex was filled with cars and trucks waiting to be auctioned off during the next three days. Thursday’s “Green Sheet”, (a listing of all the vehicles destined to be auctioned off), listed 268 cars and trucks. Friday’s sheet included 280 more. Traditionally, Thursday is the day when people find the best bargains. These tend to not be the “high end” or most expensive choices but it is possible to find a “jewel in the rough”. Friday is the day in between, where you can find some great buys at reasonable prices. The best of the inventory is destined for Saturday and money really flows then.

Thursday’s deals ranged from $2,500 for a Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible all the way up to $45,000 for a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible. There were some unusual buys, including a 1947 Wolseley Oxford Taxi Cab, with right-hand drive, and a 1926 Ford Model T Police Paddy Wagon. Friday’s “cheapie” was a 1963 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible at $4000 when the hammer hit. The big seller was a 1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS with a 454/450 hp LS6 motor and 4-speed transmission, at $122,500. That was a beauty and brought back memories of Curt’s High School days.

This was an exciting two days for the Champ. With just the amounts that he tabulated while watching the auction, $990,500 was bid on Thursday and $2,777,000 on Friday. These figures are not all inclusive, since Curt did not view all the sales and those that continued as part of “The Bid Goes On”.

It seemed that most people were interested in the luxury and exotics on Thursday with Muscle cars coming in a close second. That changed on Friday where Muscle cars dominated over everything, including besting classic cars by twice as much. There were also more Chevy cars and trucks there than any other make. It is a great show and auction. There is something there for everyone’s taste and price range. If you have a “dream car”, chances are you can find it at Mecum.

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