Secret Chevy Restoration

By Fernando Garcia

I was born and raised in sunny California. I am the father of two. I first learned about Cool Rides on Facebook. I currently have a black-on-black 2015 Dodge Challenger but prefer driving my 1954 3100 Chevy pickup.

What makes my truck special is that it has been in the family for years and it belonged to my father. I am making his wish come true by restoring it as a secret. Seeing his tears of joy was worth every penny. What I have planned next for the truck is to lower it a few inches to give it a better stance and, in the future, getting a more modern engine. I plan on cruising the coast line with my father to build new memories and reminisce about old times.

I have several fond memories about this truck: rides to the beach on the weekends, riding in the back of the truck with the wind blowing in our faces (dog included), jumping out of the truck at school. One time I jumped off before my dad stopped completely and I rolled onto the sidewalk. My teacher witnessed the whole thing and I got in trouble.

The most challenging part of the build was getting ripped off from a shop in Long Beach. This guy took me for a ride. But I was determined to complete this project taking on a side job to get it done. The biggest challenge was finding a new frame because the shop in long beach ruined my original frame. My dream car would be a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. My truck is a 2-seater and I can’t haul the whole family around in that.

The tip I would share is to always cover it when not in-use.  Also, always park it where you can see it. When I take the wife out to dinner she makes fun of me by saying “did you come to dinner with me or the truck?” because I do not take my eyes off my truck.

I would like people to know that I’m proud of this accomplishment and, if you have a vision and a plan, remain focused. I didn’t get a chance to have a big reveal like you see on TV but it meant the world to me to see my father’s eyes as he went back in time and cried uncontrollably. His first memory was the rear window which I shattered as a kid… he chased me around that truck to whoop me ha ha! My response was it only broke a little bit. And he just laughed.