Reunited with 1970 Challenger

By Steve Harris

Please tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Steve Harris. I am formally of Lowell Massachusetts and am a retired used car salesman.

How did you first learn about Cool Rides Online?
The first time I saw Cool Rides Online was on Facebook.

What Cool Rides do you currently own?
1970 Dodge Challenger convertible 340 4-speed

What’s next for your Cool Ride?  Planning additional work for it or maybe a special trip/cruise?
Driving and enjoying my Challenger in the Sunshine State with the roof down.

What’s your favorite memory involving your Cool Ride?
I bought this car in 1981 and I gave it away to a girlfriend. I got the last laugh because I bought the car back and restored it – it just worked out.

What was the most difficult modification you’ve completed on any of your Cool Rides?
The most difficult modification was getting her to sell me the car back.

What is your dream car to own if money was not an issue?
1970 challenger 426 Hemi in 1970 Dodge made 287 Challenger R/T’s with 426 Hemi 150 automatics and 137-4-speeds 287 total production.

Taking care of collector vehicles is not easy. Do you have any special tips on how to take care of your Cool Ride in and out of storage?
If you store your hot rod and muscle car in the garage I suggest you spread out mothballs keeps away the animals–they love eating wiring.

Is there anything else you’d like the Cool Rides Online members to know about you?
Drive your muscle car as often as possible it will make your life better!