Refrigerator Dropped on Mustang

By Robert Stanley

Please tell us a little bit about yourself
I am a self-employed refrigeration contractor in northern California.

How did you first learn about Cool Rides Online?
I came across Cool Rides Online while looking through Facebook pages for project ideas.

What Cool Rides do you currently own?
I currently own 3 “toy” cars. A 1968 SS El Camino was my first restoration project. A friend bought this car from the original owner—it only has 68,000 miles on it but had been left outside long enough that complete body and paint was a must. I freshened up everything else and it has been solid for 17 years now. My second, and most prized project, is a 1971 429 Drag Pack Mach 1. I found this car in a warehouse I was cleaning out and had to have it.

Now tell us a little about your favorite “Cool Ride”; what makes it special?
The car had been badly damaged: a refrigerator had been dropped on to the top/rear, the rear had been replaced, and all remaining parts had been left in the rain. It took two more cars to get all the parts needed to get this car on the road. Today it is a numbers-matching, one of only 326 4-speed drag pack Mustangs. The latest project is a 1972 K5 blazer with a ram jet 350. It still needs some finishing touches but sits on a powder-coated frame and has some amazing pearl teal paint.
I would give the Mach 1 the brand “favorite” as this generation 3 Mach 1 paint scheme and color was always a childhood favorite. The only word I can come up with to describe a ride in this car is “violent”.

What’s next for your Cool Ride? Planning additional work for it or maybe a special trip/cruise?
The next thing on the schedule is to finish up the Blazer. I recently relocated and am in the process of building a new shop.

What’s your favorite memory involving your Cool Ride?
The memories surrounding these cars are really in the projects themselves—remembering how they came to me and what they looked like torn down and then seeing them rise again.

Taking care of collector vehicles is not easy. Do you have any special tips on how to take care of your Cool Rides in and out of storage?
Taking care of collector cars in Northern California is not as difficult as it might be elsewhere because, even in the worst winter, there are days you can take a car out and enjoy it.

Is there anything else you’d like the Cool Rides Online members to know about you?
I probably enjoy taking these cars apart and restoring them as much as driving them. It is a hard road sometimes because the moment you complete a project it will probably never be that pristine again.


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