Rear Wheel Fun Kia

Have you been waiting for Kia to finally come out with something people actually want to drive? Yeah, they came out with the Kia Coupe a few years back that was sporty and edgy for them at the time, but it was still a teenager, front wheel drive beginner coupe. Well Kia stepped up to the plate with the new Kia Stinger.

The new Stinger will go 0-60MPH in 4.7 seconds, with its 365HP and 376lb.-ft of torque, Coming from a 3.3L Twin Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection motor. Paired with its 8 speed automatic, the Kia Stinger will throw you back in your seat, guaranteed to make you have a good time.

Now, unlike previous Kia models this one will not be the most cost effective choice in the lineup, for sure. But, for the craftsmanship and the power, we feel you will get your money worth, but time will tell to see how well these cars will hold their value. Considering Kia is not known for holding their value, but maybe this will be the game changer, we will just have to wait and see.

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