New Volkswagens and Chryslers: Count me out

The VW Beetle may be the perfect ride for some, but is hardly my cup of tea.

There are some rides that will forever be associated with the label “chick car.” In some ways this title can be a blessing if you’re looking to pick out a set of wheels for your wife or daughter that they’ll think is just adorable. However, this distinction may be a mark of death in terms of wide market appeal, as few sons or husbands will want to be seen cruising around town in a ride that can only be described as “cute.”

The way I see it, chick cars have at least one distinguishing characteristic from boys cars: a badge that reads Volkswagen or Chrysler.

This isn’t the case across the board for both of these brands. We have Chrysler to thank for the beloved and legendary Dodge Viper, and the 2005 Chrysler 300 had some beefy, masculine cues that distinguished it from any other model on the road.  But I have never seen a PT Cruiser Convertible drive by and think that I belonged behind the wheel of such a squat, twee-looking coupe – but loads of women apparently do.

Volkswagen’s aren’t all bad either, as the CC seems like a formidable, if not overpriced, option for a full-sized sedan. However, the buck pretty much stops there, as almost every adorable little model in their current lineup seems made for either a sorority girl or a soccer mom.

It’s true that Volkswagen buses rock a pretty cool kitsch factor, and that Chrysler was once the go-to brand for the distinguished older gentleman of the 1970s and ’80s. But over the past couple of decades, with models like the revamped Beetle and the Town and Country minivan, the appeal of these two marques has been diminished to a very particular section of the market.

Do these two brands appeal solely to the ladies, or do you think that Chrysler and Volkswagen offer something for both sexes? Give your opinion below.