Mongol Rally: A risky adventure for a good cause

All sorts of crazy cars take part in the Mongol Rally every year, with rides as crazy as this mini attempting to complete the 10,000 mile trek.

Driving across the globe in a beat up four-banger may not seem like the ideal adventure for most. However, one event has taken the globe by storm over the past few years, with almost 900 participants from 39 countries hopping behind the wheel to take a risky ride from the shores of Britain to the far reaches of Northeastern Asia.

The Mongol Rally is an event organized by The Adventurists Institute, a charity group based out of England that has risk-takers embark on incredible journeys to raise money for an organization of their choice. Every participant is required to raise about $1,500 to join in on the rally, which on average takes almost three months to complete.

The event was inspired by a certain Mr. Tom, an affiliate of The Adventurist Institute, who decided one morning back in 2001 that he would drive to Mongolia in a dingy Fiat 126 he bought on a side street in Prague. This inaugural event was not a success, however, it inspired the Institute to organize an official rally in 2004.

For the first Mongol Rally, only six teams took part in the cross-continental drive. By 2012, the number of teams participating in the rally, which spans 20 countries, exploded to almost 300.

The adventure started on July 14 at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in Great Britain, and it is estimated that the final team to cross the finish line will do so by the end of October.

According to official statistics, the group of drivers who got behind the wheel for the 2012 event are a very diverse bunch. Notable entries taking the challenge this year include four all-girls teams, three paraplegics, two whole families and two groups of newlyweds.

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